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Wild Mint Mist

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Our revive mist is a true hydrosol made from steam distilling wild mint in our copper still using traditional methods. Hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh plant materials into therapeutic and aromatic waters. This product smells uniquely of wild mint, not your traditional peppermint or spearmint. It may be used as a toner for sluggish skin types or as a refreshing mist to cool off from hot flashes!

Key ingredients

Wild mint: Helps stimulate oily, sluggish & acneic skin types. Mint is a cooling herb that helps promote healing through its anti-inflammatory refrigerant properties. 

Ingredients: Steam distilled aqua (water), wild harvested mentha arvensis (wild mint). 

2 oz reusable, recyclable glass bottle  


Use as facial toner by spritzing onto the face before moisturizing. Can also be sprayed throughout the day onto the face & body as a refreshing and uplifting mist. Hydrosols can also be used as room sprays.  

Please note that our hydrosols are steam distilled with wild plants harvested in their peak season. Once we are sold out, we must wait until the next harvest season before restocking this product!