• DRENCHEDFOLK Solstice Box
  • DRENCHEDFOLK Solstice Box
  • DRENCHEDFOLK Solstice Box
  • DRENCHEDFOLK Solstice Box




This seasonal limited edition box features the work of Drenched in Silver, Caitlin Ffrench and Boreal Folk. Amelia Sandsmark is the silversmith behind Drenched in Silver. Her work is inspired by nature as well as rare findings of bones, teeth and gems found during her time spent working in reforestation. Amelia has been a tree planter for the past 11 years and has planted over one million trees! We've included in the box, a miniature silver tree planting shovel pendant, to celebrate all the tree planters, gardeners & dirt worshipers out there making the world a greener place.

We've also included seasonal Boreal Folk products in this box as well as fireweed seeds. We've spent the last few months salvaging cedar, fir, spruce and hemlock boughs from slash piles (trees left behind by the logging industry to decompose or get burned). We've distilled this plant matter and captured the essential oil that was used in the 'slashpile candle' and cedar hand sanitizer. Boreal Folk products included in the box are:

- Slashpile beeswax candle (100% Canadian beeswax, wildcrafted essential oils)
- Poplar bud skin stick (wildcrafted poplar buds, grapeseed oil, beeswax, vitamin E)
- Cedar hand sanitizer (Isopropyl alcohol, cedar hydrosol, glycerin)
- Fireweed face serum (fireweed extract, pumpkin seed oil, sunflower seed oil, black currant seed oil, rosemary CO2 antioxidant, vitamin E, geranium essential oil)
- Prairie clay mask (ethically sourced Canadian clay)
- Nettle + mint soap (vegan, wildcrafted & cold processed)
- Fireweed seeds

There is a limited amount of boxes, they will be available while quantities last. We hope you enjoy this unique offering and we wish you a happy summer solstice.