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Baume aux bourgeons de peuplier

  • $32.00

Les bourgeons de peuplier baumier sont infusés dans de l’huile et utilisés localement depuis des lustres. Gardez ce baume à portée de main pour l'appliquer sur une peau sèche, gercée ou irritée. Son parfum subtil et chaleureux calmera et ancrera à coup sûr vos sens. Ce baume est fabriqué en cueillant consciencieusement des bourgeons de peuplier à la fin de l'hiver et en les infusant dans de l'huile d'olive pressée à froid pendant de nombreuses lunes. Il est conditionné dans un tube biodégradable.

Tube push-up biodégradable de 1 oz


Bourgeons de peuplier baumier : Contiennent des vertus antimicrobiennes et anti-inflammatoires qui contribuent à accélérer le processus de cicatrisation de la peau et également à réduire la douleur.

Ingrédients : Olea europea L. (huile d'olive), Cera alba (cire d'abeille canadienne), Populus balsamifera (bourgeons de peuplier baumier sauvage), vitamine E.

Remontez le tube et appliquez le produit directement sur la peau. Massez doucement.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Won me over and how

At first I wasn't a fan of the smell, but, after I used it on actual cuts, scrapes, bites, chapped lips, etc., I now see what all the fuss is about. I put some on a painful scrape my son had, and he looked at me with wide-eyed wonder and said, Bruh, i.e. he was amazed the pain stopped immediately. I did something similar with my husband and he looked surprised and asked What IS this? Why did that work? I dunno... but it does! I've been neglecting my poor Huckleberry since this is awesome on chapped lips. I don't even mind the smell anymore; it's strong, but kind of wholesome and, with some imagination, almost delicious... I guess it has grown on me. Now it smells like healing. Someone here described it as a Balm of Gilead, which is accurate to what it does, so that's what I call it now. I bought the Balsam Fir stick to compare, and it's nice if you like smelling like pine, but the Balm of Gilead works better. Makes a great gift too, with biodegradable packaging that puts my faith back in humanity.

I'm obsessed & never want to be without this magical stick of wonder

It's a magical stick of wonder. Which is so practical to use. The poplar scent is so addictive in all the right ways, a balm for the soul. It took care of my dry lips immediately. It is so healing. And I use it as a perfume too.


I use this poplar bud stick daily! It was great on my new tattoo and took the dry itchy skin away instantly! Smells amazing and reminds me of walking down by the river in the spring with smell of poplar on the warm breeze.


Love this! A little goes a long way. Very wonderful!

Smells like spring!

I almost don't even care what this skin stick does.. it smells heavenly! But add to that that it is good for your skin and healing.. such a great product.