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Cedar Mist

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Our cedar mist is a true hydrosol made from steam distilling cedar boughs in our copper still using fresh mountain spring water. Hydrosols are produced by distilling fresh plant materials into therapeutic and aromatic waters. This grounding product has a very sweet scent of fresh cedar.

Key ingredients

Cedar: Naturally astringent, this product is particularly good for toning as well as tightening the skin. Cedar is a very grounding tree, when sprayed onto your person, it will root you into nature. Cedar is also deodorizing so you my spray onto linens or use as a room mist. 

Ingredients: Steam distilled spring aqua (water), wild harvested thuja plicata (red cedar).

2 oz reusable, recyclable glass bottle  


Spray onto hair, face, body, linens or room.

Please note that our hydrosols are steam distilled with wild plants harvested in their peak season. Once we are sold out, we must wait until the next harvest season before restocking this product!