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Cedar + Spruce Soap

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Immerse yourself in the invigorating scents of the forest with our Cedar and Spruce Soap. This handcrafted artisanal soap offers a rich, aromatic cleansing experience that revitalizes your skin and senses. Each bar is a tribute to the natural beauty and purity of the wilderness.

Key Benefits:

  • Natural Cleansing: Formulated with nourishing plant-based oils, this soap effectively cleanses without stripping your skin of its natural moisture, leaving it feeling fresh and hydrated.
  • Fresh Forest Scent: The captivating aroma of cedar and spruce transports you to the heart of the forest, providing a calming and uplifting bathing experience.
  • Skin-Nourishing Ingredients: Enriched with natural botanicals and essential oils, this soap soothes and moisturizes, promoting a healthy, glowing complexion.

Reconnect with nature every time you cleanse with our Cedar and Spruce Soap. Let the essence of the forest envelop you, leaving your skin refreshed & nourished.

4oz plant based cold process soap 

Red cedar oil: Contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is naturally astringent and is particularly good for toning as well as tightening the skin.

Black spruce oil: Known for its astringent and bacteria fighting components. This oil helps regulates the skin's oil production making it useful for dry, oily and acne prone skin types. It keeps the skin and hair feeling moisturized and soft.  

Ingredients: Olea europaea (olive oil), Cocos nucifera (coconut oil), Theobroma cacao (cocoa butter)*, Ricinus Communis (castor oil)*, sodium hydroxide, distilled water, Picea mariana (black spruce oil)*, Thuja plicata (red cedar oil)*.


How to Use: Lather the bar between your hands or on a washcloth, then gently massage onto wet skin. Rinse thoroughly. Suitable for daily use. Keep soap dry between uses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Rebecca Schiffhauer
Our Fave!

So much so, we've bought dozens of bars of Cedar & Spruce over the years. Manly, yet refreshingly feminine -

Miriam E
Be transported by the aroma

I exclusively buy my soaps from Boreal Folk now…so pure, fragrant and luscious.

Cedar and Spruce Soap

The smell is intoxicating - like you're walking through the forest yet free from any artificial fragrances which I have yet to come by. Leaves your skin so soft and adds aromatherapy to your shower. Highly recommend. Other favorite soap from Boreal is the Tallow Soap.

Love it

I have tried many products from boreal folk. I love them all. Definitely recommend


Beautiful products, always!!