About Us


lle is an adventurous soul, passionate about the natural world. Having been struck by wanderlust in her early teens, she has traveled to six continents, learned 4 languages and spent many years with people from all kinds of cultures – learning about their local customs & ancient rituals. This deeply inspired her to return to a place of simplicity, a place close to nature. Raphaëlle has spent a decade planting over 2.3 million trees in Canada's remote northern wilderness, where she became interwoven with her wild botanical surrounding. She began studying the plants, trees, flowers, mushrooms and roots growing around her and became fascinated with the richness they offered to everyday life. She started experimenting with soap making in 2012 and has blended the sciences of artisanal skincare formulation with wild crafting and herbalism. In 2015 she completed her diploma in organic skincare sciences and launched Boreal Folk apothecary.   

Mark is her loving partner as well as co-owner. A daring individual, he's Boreal Folk's designer and brand manager. He is the behind-the-scene-man making the wheels turn (literally) of the bus and business. By trade, Mark is a certified mechanic and work space designer. He is also a metal smith, fabricator, spacial designer as well as an incredible visionary and creator. He lovingly handcrafted Boreal Folk's artisanal wilderness lab. He has a way of turning his bold, unique and adventurous ideas into realities. 


We thank you for following along on our journey and we hope you enjoy our wild offerings.