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Meadow Bath Soak

  • $25.00

Soak your body in ancient salt ethically harvested deep beneath the Canadian prairies. These unparalleled prehistoric minerals tighten the skin's pores, hydrate as well as promote circulation. Perfect for soaking soar muscles and joints.      

16 oz reusable, recyclable glass jar  

Birch oil: For ages, birch oil has been used as a skin toner, skin softener to soothe weary bones.  Canadian prairie salt: At the bottom of the Canadian prairies lies pure, natural and pristine minerals. They have been proven to be exceptionally beneficial to the skin in multiple ways. These salts have been shown to accelerate regeneration of the skin, cleanse the pores liberating them of impurities as well as acting as natural skin toner. Its high potassium, magnesium, sodium and calcium content aids to maintain healthy, cleansed, hydrated skin.

Ingredients: Canadian mineral crystals, Sodium chloride (dendritic salt), Betula lenta (birch oil), Juniperus communis (juniper berry oil), Juniperus ashei (cedarwood oil).

Add a handful or two to a hot bath and enjoy.  

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